Viability scan

Viability scan is also called the dating scan. This scan is usually carried out at 6-10 weeks of pregnancy. The first two months of pregnancy can be very concerning for many women because during this time they may experience abdominal cramps and sometimes spotting. This leads to concerns whether the pregnancy is developing normally. So an ultrasound examination is performed using the transvaginal route to confirm the normal development of the pregnancy within the uterus and to provide reassurance to the patient. It is also done to rule out ectopic pregnancies (pregnancies located outside the uterus like in tubes, ovaries etc), any bleeding around the pregnancy sac or miscarriage and also to check the number of fetuses (twins, triplets). The viability/dating scan is also used for confirmation of expected date of delivery.

This is a simple procedure, to provide detailed pictures of the developing fetus/fetuses inside the uterus and also listen to the fetal heart beat.

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