Growth scan and Dopplers

A growth scan is usually done in the last trimester of pregnancy to check for the growth of the fetus along with other parameters like amniotic fluid. The number of growth scans required may vary with each patient depending on the clinical condition of the patient. In general, the first growth scan is done at around 28 weeks. Further scans, if required, are decided based on the findings of this scan. If everything is normal, a second growth scan is usually done around 36 weeks and this scan is usually combined with Doppler scan.

Doppler scans measure the blood flow through the umbilical cord and different parts of the fetal body like the fetal brain and liver. This scan shows whether the fetus is getting all the oxygen and nutrients that it needs via the placenta. This scan is usually combined with the growth scan.

The information we get from the growth scan is

  • The weight of the fetus, whether it is appropriate, more or less than expected.
  • Fluid around the fetus (whether it is adequate, less or more).
  • The blood supply going to the fetus.
  • Check the level of amniotic fluid.
  • Movements of the fetus and well being of the fetus.
  • Check the position of the fetus and placenta.
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