TIFFA Scan / Anomaly Scan

A TIFFA Scan (Targeted Imaging For Fetal Anomalies) Scan is popularly known as Fetal Anomaly Scan. It is one of the most important scans conducted during pregnancy because it detects any congenital abnormalities in the growing fetus. This scan is done between 18 - 22 weeks of pregnancy. In this scan, the baby is screened from head to toe to look for abnormalities. It can be a 3-dimensional or 4-dimensional scan (3D or 4D scan).

Some of the important things a TIFFA scan can tell us are:

  • Whether the internal organs of the fetus are growing normally.
  • Monitor the fetal movement.
  • Detect any birth defects.
  • Check the level of amniotic fluid.
  • Any indications of chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Check the position of the placenta.
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