fetal echo cardiography

Fetal echocardiography is the name of the test used to diagnose cardiac conditions in the fetal stage. Cardiac defects are amongst the most common birth defects. Their diagnosis is important in the fetal stage as it might help provide an opportunity to plan and manage the baby as and when the baby is born. Not all pregnancies need to undergo fetal echo. Specific maternal and fetal conditions would indicate the need for this test.

These conditions are as follows:


  • Diabetes
  • Anticonvulsant Intake
  • Prev child with CHD
  • Infections: Parvovirus, Rubella, Coxsackie
  • AutoImmune Disease: Anti Rho/La positive


  • Increased Nuchal Thickness
  • Abnormal Ductus Venosus
  • Abnormal Fetal Cardiac Screening
  • Major Extracardiac Abnormality
  • Abnormal Fetal Karyotype
  • Hydrops
  • Fetal Dysrthythhmia

Fetal Echo is usually performed by a Fetal medicine specialist or a Pediatric Cardiologist.

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