Baby suffering from fever & vomiting

I Vijay Kumar Rathi from MOTOR STATION would like to appreciate Dr. Nitesh Kumar Agarwal of Southern Gem Hospital.
"My sister's daughter was suffering from fever & vomiting from 3 days. In emergency at 2 AM when i wanted treatment i just remembered Dr. Nitesh. He responded at 3 AM in the morning even after coming from holiday trip and assisted all other duty doctors which gave me more confidence of him".

- Vijay Kumar Hyderabad

Baby Delivery

I am G V Krishna When he came to Southern Gem Hospital, Dr.Sweta Agarwal and Dr. Nitesh Kumar Agarwal explained us in detail about the actual condition of my wife who was carrying. They were very cooperative in answering all our queries and taking away the fear we felt. It was our good fortune to get awareness and proper information about pregnancy and delivery at the right time, at right place and in right hands.

- GV Krishna Hyderabad

A Child With Severe bleeding

I wish to share a very recent situation. My 5yr old nephew was playing at the house and happened to cut his tongue. The boy was bleeding heavily and we rushed to a neighbour hospital where they mentioned - that being a Sunday the Surgeon was expected only in the evening.

- Mr.Bhavin Hyderabad

Infertility Treatment By Ivf – Successful

I Dr. P. Madhurima Reddy , Founder & CEO, Peak Performance Trainer, Psychologist Counselor, Life Coach , La Winspire International Training & Solution LLP.
I was beyond impressed with my experience at Dr. Nitesh Kumar Agarwal and Dr. Sweta Agarwal "Southern Gem Hospital". With amazing facilities and personal care taken by all the qualified Doctors and Staff.

- Dr. P. Madhurima Reddy Hyderabad

Baby Delivery

Me and my husband are the proud parents of a baby, a little bundle of joy. Like all couples, we were very anxious during the initial months of the pregnancy. We had a whole lot of doubts and to be on the safe side, the wife got admitted to Southern Gem Hospital which I must say helped us to pass through this phase with ease, with good support, guidance and timely advice. The friendly approach of the doctors and nursing staff helped us to shed worries about the baby. Thanks to them, I had a normal delivery at full term, of a healthy baby that today is in sound health. Our experience was so wonderful, and we look back on the same with fondness. Thank you to everyone at Southern Gem for making our experience the best it could be.

- Mr.N.K Hyderabad

Infertility Treatment By Ivf – Successful

Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything you've done for us in helping us get the best happiness of our lives – our baby. Though it was a bit stressful, I firmly believe that I was in the care of the best hands. The whole treatment by IVF went off successfully and today I am a much relieved woman who feels it has been a privilege being treated and taken care off at Southern Gem by such fine medical personnel. The knowledge, diagnosis, and precise treatment planning of Southern Gem Hospital helped in a quick resolution of my medical situation that was otherwise creating a pretty serious problem. Thank you again for everything.

- Mrs.M. N. S Hyderabad

A Child With Severe Loose Motionsl

Thank you Southern Gem Hospital for the fine time I had there when my 1 year old was admitted for severe gastroenteritis problem. The doctors handled the whole treatment process very well and the baby had a good recovery and without any complications. All of it thanks to the baby being in capable hands and personalized care. I highly recommend Southern Gem Hospital for its professionalism and friendly approach which made me feel comfortable during the treatment. Good Job and keep up the good work!! THANK YOU again!

- Mr.CH.S.S.D Hyderabad

Twin Delivery

I am glad to let the readers know of my excellent experience at Southern Gem and how brilliant the birth centre experience was at the Hospital. The care was outstanding and the nurses at the hospital ensured that I had exactly the delivery I had always planned, a delightful and safe twin baby delivery. Both the twin babies came into the world safe and sound and the aftercare was superb. I recuperated properly and was well looked after by the team. Today,I have only good memories of the birth centre and would highly recommend it to other expecting mums.

- Mrs.B.V. Nagasri Hyderabad

Laparoscopy For Infertility

I was a patient at Southern Gem Hospital for a month or so and underwent laparoscopy for infertility. So successful it has been that today I am pregnant with a healthy baby! Throughout my many visits, Dr. Sweta and her team of doctors so well were compassionate and uplifting. I am grateful to have a doctor who was incredibly well-informed on her role. The nursing staff too were good and helpful and also the hospital on the whole was excellent, neat and clean, all of which made my stay at Southern Gem memorable.

- Mrs.V.S Hyderabad

Newborn Admitted To Nicu (Severa Jaundice & Anemia)

My newborn was admitted to the NICU of Southern Gem Hospital with severe jaundice and anemia. My newborn received round-the-clock specialty care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) there. The doctor who treated my baby did a excellent job by identifying the causes and later getting to the root of the cause (Rh incompatability). Then, there was the nursing staff which did a good task of looking after me and my child. After a few days, my newborn baby recovered well enough to be discharged. Today, the child is doing fine and keeping well. The whole experience at Southern Gem was great and I thank them for all their excellent work.

- Mr.S.S Hyderabad

Ectopic Pregnancy (Laparoscopic Salpingectomy)

I am a case of Ectopic Pregnancy and had a Laparoscopy Salpingectomy done. The whole case was treated well and today I am doing fine, fully recovered. The doctors at Southern Gem were excellent, made me feel better about the whole miserable thing. Thanks to them and the nursing staff’s affectionate care, ! am feeling a whole lot better and back at home doing my usual chores.

- Mr.V. S Hyderabad

Infertility Treatment Is Successful

I can’t thank you people enough for the excellent work you have done. I had to undergo infertility treatment. At Southern Gem, I underwent IVF treatment. It was after the third round of IVF, my first at Southern Gem Hospital that I got a positive pregnancy test! Today, I am so proud to tell that the whole IVF treatment session was successful and I am blessed with a little healthy girl! The whole emotional experience with Southern Gem was great and I want to thank the staff & Doctors who helped realize my dream.

- Mr.A.K Hyderabad


My 15 months old baby had a severe gastroenteritis problem. This affected the baby's digestion system. I was a little apprehensive about all these. Thankfully, we got the baby admitted to Southern Gem Hospital. The whole place was so nice, a very, calm place and I soon felt very much at ease. The whole process is relaxing and the treatments very soon yielded positive results making me feel much better. The doctors and the nursing staff were very good and it was their committed approach and quality care that helped my baby recover soon. Today, I am a happy woman and I thank the hospital doctors and staff for their excellent work.

- Mrs.N.A Hyderabad

Threatened Abortion (Twin Pregnancy)

I was expecting twins baby delivery sometimes back. Unfortunately, something went wrong and I faced the dilemma of miscarriage aka threatened abortion during the period of pregnancy. I had bleeding and some abdominal cramping. Following this, I got myself admitted to Southern Gem Hospital. Dr. Sweta, who treated me was amazing and so were her staff. My problem was identified and a treatment plan was framed to tackle the problem. The whole treatment process went off well and I came out of what was a serious threatened abortion. I recovered pretty quickly and soon I was blessed with twin babies. Many thanks to Southern Gem and all that they have done.

- Mr.K.P Hyderabad

Friendly, good and sound care of patients

Dr Nitesh Agarwal is the best doctor one can have. He is very very friendly and good who takes sound care of his patients, treating them like a part of family. He did a fine job helping my child recover from a health ailment which troubled him badly. Today my child is doing fine and so am I. The whole experience at the hospital was super and as for the services offered, they were all of good quality. We had excellent time at Southern Gem.

- Mrs.M. A Hyderabad

Nicu Admission – Newborn Premature With Hyaline Membrane Disease – Cpap And Ventilation Given

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your work and dedication you gave to my premature newborn baby sometimes back. Suffering from Hyaline Membrane disease, my newborn was admitted to NICU at Southern Gem Hospital. The baby was put on ventilation and monitored round the clock by the nursing staff who were professional and highly responsible. It was obvious to us that at Southern Gem, the doctors and nursing staff cared for children as if they were their own. Today, my newborn baby is doing fine and in normal health.

- Mrs. P.A Hyderabad

2 Year Old Child – Septicaemia

My husband and I were excited to be travelling from Goa with our 2 year old child. During the course of the journey, my child contracted Septicemia, a pretty lethal disease. He fell sick badly and we admitted the child to Southern Gem Hospital. I had no idea what this was or the impact it could have on myself and my child. But thankfully, the Dr. Nitesh explained to me what was Septicemia and the impact of it on the child. The treatment process was made as smooth as possible by the hospital staff for myself, my husband and our little child. Thanks to them, the whole process went off well and he was discharged. Today, my baby is a healthy little 2 year old. I cannot thank enough for what the doctors and staff at Southern Gem had done and helped save my baby from complications.

- Mr.M.M Goa


It has been nearly a couple of weeks since my laparoscopic hysterectomy and I am feeling better than ever! I take this opportunity to thank all at Southern Gem from the doctors to the staff for taking care of me so well and ensuring that my problem was tackled thoroughly. Also the recovery process has gone off well and all of it is due to the expertise and patient care at Southern Gem Hospital.

- Mrs.P. A Hyderabad

Laparoscopy For Infertility, Then Spontaneous Pregnancy

I had got myself admitted into Southern Gem Hospital to get a diagnostic laparoscopy as a part of my infertility treatment. Dr. Sweta did the laparoscopy and ovarian cystectomy. The other infertility test results were normal. To my surprise, after a few days, I had a spontaneous pregnancy. I must admit that but for the professional care of the doctors and nursing staff, I would have had more problems.

- Ms.A.A Hyderabad

Premature Birth – Admitted To Nicu

I had a premature baby delivery sometimes back. The baby weighed just 900 gms. We admitted the baby into the NICU at Southern Gem Hospital to ensure that baby is taken care of by professional hands of Dr. Nitesh who is very well-versed with such issues. As soon as I arrived at Southern Gem Hospital, my baby was immediately admitted and given a thorough examination. The hospital staff wasted no time and were very efficient with the doctors explaining the whole process and calming my fears. The baby was in the hospital for a certain period of time before being discharged and brought home. I am pleased to say that my baby today is 2.8 kgs, free from all complications. Thanks for all the good time at Southern Gem.

- Mrs. H.A Hyderabad

Raichur Patient – 1 1/2 Year Old Baby - Bronchopneumonia & Laryngomalacia

My little 1 1/2 year old baby had Bronchopneumonia and Laryngomalacia. We admitted him at Southern Gem Hospital on the recommendation of a family friend who had great experience with them before. The consultant paediatrician was available and assessed our baby at 3 a.m. (on our arrival). The rest of the doctors supported by the nursing staff took excellent care of him. Thanks to them, he recovered fully and today he is in good health. I just want to sincerely thank all at Southern Gem Hospital for the wonderful treatment and care my little one and I received during our time at the hospital. The doctors and nurses are so knowledgeable and are there at every available opportunity to educate their patients. I must confess that Hyderabadis are all so lucky to have such a wonderful hospital.

- Mrs.N Hyderabad

Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

I just want to say "thank you" for your kindness and patience showered on me during my stay at Southern Gem Hospital for Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. Both went off very well and I was given the best medical advice. I had such a great experience and the nursing staff made me feel very comfortable and confident during the whole period. Thank you, Southern Gem Hospital!

- Mr.A.V.K Hyderabad

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