Southern Gem Hospital provides a specialist facility for children's health. It boasts of a team of trained and experienced professionals looking after the health needs of newborns and children in Hyderabad, catering to a wide and diverse population. We provide a comprehensive range of most urgent and essential to the most complex and technologically advanced medical and surgical services.

Our expert and dedicated staff are well experienced in caring for ill newborns and children. We know we can make a difference to the children in hospital by combining compassion with the most specialized and sophisticated health care possible.

We focus on preventative medicine and health promotion. Our other main objective is to provide superior care for children in need and to restore their physical and emotional health without compromising their comfort or opportunity of having a bright future. Most importantly, we offer 'total care' because we consider the whole family, not just the child. Our patients come from all over Andhra Pradesh, neighbouring Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Southern Gem Hospital offers one of the best Children's Hospital in India, that is recognized for providing specialized services and a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of children

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