Infant Care Specialist

Having a perfect baby is one of life’s most exciting and joyful events. The fact however is that not every woman is lucky in having a baby that is perfect and normal in all ways. That is why it’s essential to ensure proper Newborn care after delivery.

Newborn care after delivery ensures that after the baby is born, a doctor or nurse performs a series of assessments to determine the baby’s physical and mental condition. Southern Gem Hospital Newborn Specialist in Hyderabad offers high quality service. The hospital remains dedicated to caring for the physical and emotional well-being of both mom and baby.

Newborn Care After Delivery

Southern Gem Hospital is designed for the comfort and safety of the mother and baby. The facility rooms are also well-equipped with a state-of-the-art birthing bed that smoothen the process for a comfortable delivery.

As a part of the hospital's 'After Care' program, the very latest in technical and developmental care techniques are also offered to the mother in breastfeeding and setting up feeding and sleeping schedules. Throughout the 'After Care' program, an Infant Care Specialist/Baby Nurses will be on hand to support the mother in the early days of parenting.

The main idea behind Newborn Specialist in Hyderabad service is to ensure that the mother develops the confidence and understanding through pregnancy, labor and delivery, take care of the baby and make a smooth transition of the new addition to the family.

Southern Gem Hospital's Newborn Specialist in Hyderabad program has successfully met the highest of expectations of many couples and provided the finest of experience for the mother and baby. From admission to discharge, the 'Newborn care after delivery' program has ensured that the entire childbirth experience has been memorable in minimizing stress and discomfort while increasing the safety and security of both mother and child.

The patients at Southern Gem Hospital come from all over Andhra Pradesh, neighboring Karnataka and Maharashtra.

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