The embryology laboratory is the heart of an infertility centre. It is here where the egg and sperm are fused through IVF or ICSI procedure. It is here where the product of this fusion, ‘the embryo’ has to grow to a stage where it could be reimplanted into the uterus.

This room has to have the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility for the best possible outcome of embryo development, thus enhancing the chances of a pregnancy.

At Southern Gem Hospital, we boast of two separate labs – an Embryology lab and an Andrology lab and two separate operation theatres – a dedicated IVF operation theatre and a separate laparoscopy theatre and a well equipped sperm collection room with an attached bathroom. The labs are designed with such immense precision that we are able to offer world class environment for the growing embryos.

The sperm sample assessment and preparation is done in the andrology lab. At our centre, we not only perform the routine sperm analysis but additional assessment looking at morphology (structure) of the sperm, thus selecting the best sperms for the procedure. We also employ DNA fragmentation screening tests, where indicated. Only prepared sperm samples, after thorough wash, are allowed into the embryology lab. The presence of a separate andrology lab is a scientifically proven step, to reduce chances of embryo infection and thus increase pregnancy rates.

The embryology lab is directly connected with the dedicated IVF operation theatre. This way, the distance between the egg collection / embryo transfers and the lab is minimised, again a scientific requirement. All our laboratory equipment, consumables are world class and imported. We get a regular inflow of these keeping up with the latest advancements in infertility treatment.

Another special feature of the embryology lab and the IVF labs is presence of dedicated HEPA filter units in our air handling units. These remove the minutest of particles (upto 0.3microns) from the air, thus improving the overall air quality. This again enhances the chances of a pregnancy. As a standard quality control measure, we change these filters once every three months. We also do surveillance swabs for microbial growth in the labs and theatre on a regular basis. The entire lab and theatre complex has uninterrupted power back up to ensure strict continuity of temperature control.

Our embryology lab is maintained by a team of highly qualified and experienced inhouse embryologists, senior visiting embryologists, nurses and technicians.

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